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 DVD authoring - DVD production

Our company offers you now a complete production service of a compatible DVDs (DVD+R, DVD+R DL, DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+RW) for your Home Video, commercial presentations, as well as for the video-distribution of corporate commercials and promotional presentations.

DVD authoring These DVD discs will look exactly the same like the professional DVDs you know. Equipped with the graphic index, chapters, photos, music etc. adjusted in a DVD box, with a complete cover. Your DVD will be crafted iby professional Adobe programmes. For digital transferring we use the Canopus digital video converters.

For the digital camera owners it is the only way and option how to store their recordings and tapes in the original quality or the closest to the original possible quality.

It really is the best way for a long time storing of videos. Giving you immediate access, comfortable control, high quality presentation and with high safety and durability factor (as opposed to analog video).

Longevity of the VHS tapes = max.5 years
Longevity of the DVD discs = 25 - 100 years

 Advantages of your DVD Video

  • your video stored in the best quality
  • up to 120 minutes of high quality record
  • storage of videos, photos, graphics, sounds, texts, subtitles etc.
  • can be played on your computer as well as on portable DVD players
  • every computer on the market today is already equipped with the DVD player
  • you can copy it as easily as when burning a CD
  • with software tools you are able to further edit, cut or send your video via internet
DVD authoring
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